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Tesla SUBWOOFER boost upgrade

** Scroll down for additional accessory ideas. These can be added in at the time of audio installation or via separate appointment. Contact 952.292.1827 to schedule an appointment.

We are one of the only firms in the Twin Cities that can extend your Tesla Model 3 audio system with a superior powered bass module custom designed to fit the contour of the existing trunk cavity. We exclusively use NVX components to deliver jaw dropping audio performance that fills the lack of rich and deep bass commonly associated with factory audio systems, including the Tesla premium sound system. 

Bonus! Our subwoofer installation technique keeps the Tesla stock audio system in-tact while adding the additional punch of our NVX amplified subwoofer package. You get the best of both systems and can even take the upgrade to a future Tesla vehicle without impacting the original stock performance.

How our service works:

  1. Contact Innovative Futures at 952.292.1827 to schedule the service
  2. Place deposit to lock in the work (We accept Venmo and Zelle electronic payment services)
  3. We pick your car up at the specified time and return it upgraded (within 24 hours) 
  4. As an ADD-ON service offering, we can bring you a Model 3 Dual Motor Performance vehicle (with the same upgraded audio package) to use during your installation window
  5. Final payment due on your inspection and signoff of the completed solution (Venmo, Zelle, Cash, Check)
  6. Enjoy your upgraded system!


  1. Includes 2-channel line-out converter with 400 watt RMS speaker level inputs
  2. Includes 2-channel x-series 600 watt RMS power amplifier 
  3. Includes Boost subwoofer box enclosure designed to fit all Tesla Model 3 years (2018-2021)
  4. Subwoofer is 10" a 4 ohm that can handle 500 watts RMS and 1500 Watts peak
  5. Includes custom amp and pre-amp holder designed by Innovative Solutions with vibration dampening
  6. Installed with 8 gauge power wire and Mini-ANL Fuse Holder with 60 amp Mini-ANL fuse

Extra Touches:

  1. We wipe down and clean the back seats and vacuum anything trapped underneath before reinstalling
  2. We vacuum and detail the interior and run through a touchless carwash as part of our standard service before returning
  3. We thoroughly vacuum all trunk carpet panels before replacing so your car feels like new when returned
  4. We check your Tesla 12 volt battery and can replace for additional cost. These tend to need replaced every two years


Tesla Accessory Installation

We can help personalize your Tesla. Below are several options available for installation. Customers can choose these options during subwoofer installation or schedule a separate on-site appointment by calling 952.292.1827.

  • Carbon Fiber Console and door wraps
    • Protects your interior and looks cool


  • Interior LED/Fiber lighting
    • Illumination to fit your mood​
    • Options for just center console, or console, dash and seats

  • Add-on front spoiler
    • Enhances aerodynamics, protects number, and looks cool​

  • Tesla projection door lights
    • Illuminates the ground with Tesla logo when door opened​

  • Tesla LEDs and Tesla logo cupholder LEDs
    • Illuminates to fit your mood with light sensing technology​
    • Existing stock LEDs can be upgraded to brighter white or blue versions

  • Driver pedal and brake upgrades to racer profile series
    • Better foot traction when driving and looks cool​

  • Tesla touchscreen protectors
    • Protects screen from scratches and significantly reduces fingerprints

Tesla touchscreen protectors

  • Protects screen while significantly reducing fingerprints