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Theater 7.2 Surround Sound Package

A distributor recently challenged us to review a KEF in-ceiling speaker environment. After being very impressed, we began installing this configuration for customers and are receiving rave reviews. The sound environment is incredible and the ceiling install frees up space for interier decoratring around fireplaces and front walls. Baseline promo pricing starts at 5.5k for the (7) KEF 8" speakers, 1000 watt SUNFIRE subwoofer, 95 watt Sony receiver, with full installation. We can often have the installation completed onsite in 1-day with a 1-week lead time. We are happy to pull wires to new locations for additional fee while onsite. The package below assumes customer already has TV or projector, and the ceiling speaker locations are wired back to a main A/V point in the room. The TV will need to accomodate ARC HDMI with a cable from TV to the A/V point. Package includes surge protector to keep your investment safe. ** This package saves almost 3k off of retail pricing and includes installation

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(7) KEF in-ceiling 150 watt speakers

KEF's award-winning box speakers are a popular choice among audiophiles around the world. The stylish Ci200QR's thin bezel and narrow rim allow for flawless integration into your ceiling and KEF's new Uni-Q driver, which spreads sound over a wider area enabling you to use less speakers. These two features alone combine to make the Ci200QR perfect for any space.



1000 watt Sunfire Subwoofer

Sunfire's hard-hitting HRS-12 will fill your room with deep, heart-pounding bass while taking up less space than many comparably equipped powered subwoofers. Driven by a brawny 1,000-watt amplifier, this sub's high-performance 12" woofer delivers precise, low-distortion sound that adds visceral impact to all your movies and music. It's a perfect addition to any medium-to-large home theater or listening room.


Sony 7.2 90 Watt Networked Receiver

The Sony STR-ZA810ES combines cutting-edge home theater with flexible configurability and easy control. This feature-packed, installation-friendly receiver is a great match for the latest 4K TVs and Blu-ray players. Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding delivers 360-degree surround sound for a lifelike movie experience in your living room


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